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Welcome to the 3 Rivers Counselling: Our Team and Our Approach

Welcome to 3 Rivers Counselling, where connection and curiosity fuel our passion for integrating neuroscience with a holistic approach to healing and growth. I'm Brittany, and I'm thrilled you are here!

Brittany Rickett with headphones offering a shared listening session using the Safe and Sound Protocol
Quiet Mind SSP Listening Session

At 3 Rivers Counselling, we proudly affirm neurodiversity, recognizing the diverse ways in which individuals experience and navigate the world. We are passionate supporters of individuals navigating the unique challenges of ADHD and trauma.

What Can You Expect in a Therapy Appointment?

We are influenced by and trained in somatics, polyvagal theory, IFS, ACT, and EMDR models, and we honour the role of the nervous system in our therapeutic work. In our commitment to holistic and collaborative care, we also create space for more traditional therapies for your journey of healing and growth. These include CBT, Solution Focused, and DBT models of therapy.

A happy, relaxed couple walking in the park

Guided by our desire to provide holistic and evidence-based therapeutic and specialized services, we are proud to offer therapy services for trauma, anxiety, grief, boundaries, healthy relationships, and life transitions (graduation, new parents, marriage, seperation, and 'empty-nests').

Above all, we understand that therapy is about relationships. Rapport, comfort and feeling at ease are the foundation of a successful therapy relationship. We want you to know that we get it! We are real people with families, with life experience, with challenges and stories. We want you to feel safe enough to let all of yourself be truly seen without judgement and with unconditional acceptance.

What Types of Therapy Do We Offer?

Warmth, welcome, curiosity, and commitment are at the heart of our practice. With the Quiet Mind SSP Program, EMDR, Yoga Therapy and Somatic and Polyvagal approaches in addition to more traditional talk therapies (like CBT, ACT, and Solution Focused approaches) we highlight the importance of tuning into the nervous system.

A woman sitting on the floor listening to SSP therapy

Who Are We?

At 3 Rivers Counselling, we are proud to have a diverse team of therapists, each with their own areas of focus and expertise. Whether you're seeking support for anxiety, trauma, depression, relationships, boundaries, neurodiversity, grief and loss, parenting, or life transitions, we have a therapist who can meet your needs. Additionally, we offer sliding scale options to ensure our services are accessible to all. We work with Social Development, Victim Services and other provincial agencies to provide support for families and parents navigating various challenges.

Our team practices from an integrative lens, collaborating with you to find an approach that is tailored to you - to your experiences of the world, to your present circumstances, and your hopes for the future.

A youth in a therapy appointment

How to Get Started?

Because we know relationships are key, we want you to feel welcomed to book a free 15 minute consultation with any or all of our therapists so you can decide what feels like the best fit. We can also make recommendations about who has the most availability or appointment times that fit your needs. You can Book Online today, or send an email and we can answer your questions and help you with the next steps.

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