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Specialized Services

Connect. Share. Learn. Grow.

Virtual Meeting

Workplace Services

Individually tailored, evidence-based and delivered by therapists with a background in education and curriculum development.

We deliver in-person and virtual workshops designed to enrich mental health understanding and cultivate a healthier work environment. 

Our workshops can include structured experiences, group discussions, and interactive activities to gain practical insights and relatable methods for addressing mental health challenges at work.

Let's build resilience, deepen understanding, and enhance workplace wellness

"As a former teacher, I love developing curriculum, sharing tips, research and strategies that you can use. I can put important information together in bite-sized pieces, with actionable take-aways. I want you to walk away with a new set of tools and skills - to feel empowered with a better understanding of the issue you are facing while experiencing connection with others."

Common topics include: Neurodiversity in the Workplace, Burnout Prevention, Boundaries Bootcamp, and Trauma-Informed Workplaces.

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