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Let's work through the hard stuff together.

Parenting and Family Therapy

Parenting is one of the toughest jobs out there. And it is not getting any easier in our world today. This first step you are making right now takes courage. Parent and family counselling provides you with the support you need when you feel like you have hit your limits or lost your confidence.

Family counselling can be done with one, two, or several parents from blended families. Contrary to popular belief, family counselling doesn't just need to be about dealing with specific problems. It can also be a way to enhance communication and openness, clarify and reinforce values, and build trust.  

Brittany has a background as an educator and child and family mental health therapist. She understands how trauma, learning disabilities, ADHD, and blended family issues can affect your family. She will work with you to explore the issues that impact your family the most and help you develop new techniques and tools that will bring lasting change and greater peace of mind.

Child and Adult with ADHD enjoying family therapy online
Father and Son Playing

Common Parenting Concerns

  • Is your child/teen not listening to you?

  • Do you feel like your relationship is deteriorating?

  • Are you feeling lost as a parent?

  • Do you have worries about behaviors at home/school?

  • Are strategies like time-outs and sticker charts no longer working?

  • Is there a communication break down happening?

  • Is your family/child experiencing increased stressors that are impacting mood and behaviour?

  • Does your child struggle with emotion regulation (ADHD, sensory processing)

  • Does your child struggle to transition between homes? 

  • Is co-parenting breaking down?

What to Expect

Parenting and Family Counselling may look different for every parent and family. It may be one parent attending to address a concern or issue. It could be two parents, or parents and children. At times, it could be sets of parents from blended families who want to work together on challenges or enhanced communication.


LGBTQIA2S+ neurodiverse family enjoying online neurodiversity affirming therapy in NB
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